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the chronically ridiculous misadventures of a 20-year-old sketchbook enthusiast.

or rather, the mundane ramblings of an obnoxious insomniac.

1 June 1991
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ARIELLE » An ENFP who spent the first 18 years of her life thinking she was an INFP. Illustration + Animation + Literary Studies kid in art school. Huge nerd who loves cartoons far more than your average college student. Does not like being confined to doing only one thing. Among many other things, visual development is in the master plan. Collects concept art books. Appreciates good storytelling. Conscientious of the world. Wants to make people laugh so hard they get a six pack. A little obnoxious. Has poor sense of volume control. A teal deer. Chronic CAPSLOCKER. Musical theatre kid. Friendly! c:

Sleep is just a myth. Books are awesome. Friends are the best medicine in the world.

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stamped as harry potter.

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"chaw-clate", "do the tides command...", "i should draw that!", "like in harry potter...", "put. out. the. source.", "remember in hey arnold...", abusing the capslock button, also a ventriloquist, bears. beets. battlestar galactica., being awesome at organizing, being frumpy but super-smart, boarding procrastination station, chilling with my homeslices, drool-worthy concept art books, fffffffffffffff—, formatting lists nicely, funny ideas for sketches, gryffindor for the cup, he's nothing like rumbleroar!, i'm harry freakin' potter, i'm orion and hormonal, just as planned pants, lots of animation frames, michael&jan's awkward dinner, parsons-ing it up, potions. pureblood. pansy parkinson., promotion of fair casting, pulling ridiculous all-nighters, put down that cheesecake!, questionable curling iron usage, questionable popsicle usage, refreshing pages like whoa, singing stuff at 2am, six earthbenders=slow rock, six packs from laughing, squirtle in sunglasses, the ahaha.wav, the golden bitch, this was a triumph, throwing ridiculous bachelorette parties, umbridge kills dementors, ushiromiya envelope pranks